Hi I’m Donna, mother of three kids and Grandma of eight grandkids and I’ve been making security blankets, Lovies,  taggies   or any other name they go by for years.  I want to take a quick minute to talk about the differences to help you make a more informed decision on the best comfort blanket (another name they go by) for your little one.  

The average size of a traditional security blanket is 12 to 14 inches theses are a really nice size for an older toddler of two or older. They can be held comfortably and carried around without much trouble and provide comfort and security as needed.  

Loveys or taggies range anywhere from 9 to 10 inches some can be bigger but usually 9 inches is the smallest since you want them to be big enough to provide security and comfort but not too big to be a risk to baby. Smaller loveys are easy for little hands to manipulate and carry around. Their smaller size makes them great to bring on outings when your little one starts getting fussy.  

I started making my loveys a little smaller average 9×9 when my grandkids started being born and crib rules started changing.  My kids asked me to make them smaller so they did not have to worry about putting the lovies in their little one’s crib once they started sleep training.   American Academic of Pediatrics recommend that you not put anything in baby’s crib until at least 8 months old and overnight not till 12 months.  My kids and friends also like the portability of a smaller lovey, they don’t get dragged on the floor, in the dirt and they fit nicely in purses and backpacks or tucked in a car seat for those unexpected fussy times.  

Thank you for taking time to look at my post and hopefully you’ll want to come back and visit next week when I talk about what to look for in a lovey as far as construction…. according to a grandma who’s been sewing for many years.  If you have any questions, please email me at   piperd@dajnloveys.com 

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